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Termite Fumigations

Termites have a reputation for destruction and feed on wood and wood by-products. During our professional termite fumigation process, the fumigant will reach the cracks between and inside wood where the termites tunnel.

Termite Inspections

It is vital to have a complete termite inspection of your home. Termite damage far exceeds damage caused by natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding. Our Termite inspectors will provide a report of existing damage or infestations to potential homebuyers.
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Termite Chemical Treatments

Long lasting chemical barriers is an effective chemical treatment used to eliminate termite and acts as a repellent to block out all possible routes of termite entry in crawl spaces, basements, foundation and beneath concrete slabs.
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Termite / Fungus Damage Repairs

A common cause of dry rot and termite damage is wood in contact with soil which results in a failed foundation. When the moisture is not controlled, then it would need to be treated to prevent the growth of fungus. If you suspect termite have taken up residence in your home, call us today. We will repair the damaged structure so it is as good as new.

Scorpions Treatments

Scorpions are predatory arthropod animals. If you have a scorpion problem in your home, we will inspect your house for scorpion entry spots and hide outs. We will determine the most effective scorpion control treatment to rid your home of scorpions and take measures to prevent future intrusions.
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Rodents Removal

Rodents such as rats and mice can invade your home looking for food, water, warmth. Rodents produce rapidly, meaning if you suspect a rodent problem, please call us for removal before your rodent problem goes from bad to worse.

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